If you have been out shopping almost anywhere lately, you have probably seen Fairy Garden supplies out. Everywhere from Dollar General to Michael’s has a full display of cute and fun items to make a fun garden with your kiddos. Now, it can be overwhelming and pricey when you start to plan a Fairy Garden with your kids, but let me share a few ideas I have found helpful.

plan a fairy garden with your kidsFirst, sit down with your child and talk about a possible theme. This will give you a starting spot. You can start by searching ideas online or picking your kids favorite things – animals, unicorns, etc. Also, this is not just a girl thing. My son loves planning his Fairy Garden. Last year he picked a dinosaur theme and planted succulents. It turned out so good. While you are planning the theme, also think about where you will place the gardens. They can be in pots on your porch, a little flowerbed, inside the house, or around a tree. Use your imagination.

Once you have picked a place and theme, look around your house and see what you have that may get you started. Last year we found some all plastic animals we had laying around, some pretty blue stones, and some sea shells we had from the beach. Then, we went shopping for more decorations. Our favorite places for inexpensive Fairy Garden decorations are: Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Target dollar spot, and Michael’s. For this year’s gardens, almost all of it has come from Dollar General, which has a huge selection of animals and gnomes for around a dollar. I started picking up items a few weeks ago for this year’s gardens. My son picked a forest animal theme and my daughter is doing a fairy unicorn garden. I have bags in the garage with all the fun items we are picking up here and there.

fairy garden design kids

Now comes the fun part: you need to plant your garden. Head to where you love to buy plants and look around for what may make your garden come to life. My daughter tends to go for flowering plants in purple or pink and my son loves cactus looking plants. Pick up a few plants to fill the area or container you have and do not forget the soil. Once you have your plants, you can go home and get dirty. Lay out your items and your plants first. Move them around and make it look the way you really like them. Once you have a good idea, you can plant the flowers and finalize your decoration placement. The best part of these little themed gardens is you can move the decorations all summer long, if you want.  My kids love to water the plants, check their decorations, and add fun new pieces if they find them on sale later in the summer.

The key to this is have fun!! It should not be stressful at all.