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This is the place where Nashville area moms connect. We have a great group of moms to answer questions, give advice, or just listen. We are the place to find consignment sales in the Middle Tennessee area, and keep your eyes open for our fun giveaways too.

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We’ve been there and know how hard it is being a new mother and juggling everything else. It can be isolating not having the support you need. We can help answer your questions or just listen if you need to vent. The Moms give great advice on all things baby and can answer questions specific to Nashville too. Start a thread and see who joins in.

Whether you’re a new mom or have years of training, we’re here to make life a little bit easier and a lot more fun for all moms, grandmoms (and even some dads) in Nashville and the surrounding areas.

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Enjoy ‘Christmas Cozy’ With Hygge

I recently took down my Christmas decorations and it made me so sad. My house never feels cozier than it does with the twinkling lights of all four of my Christmas trees. Yes I said four, both my kids have four foot trees in their room, I have a five foot tree in...

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Navigating the Yogurt Aisle

In the last few years shopping the yogurt aisle feels ever more like a sifting through a shipwreck from a far-off land. I find myself sifting through cup after cup, holding each an inch away from my face, squinting at every label in search of the perfect product...

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Nashville Boat Show 2019 Giveaway!

Are you already looking forward to the warm days of summer? The Nashville Boat Show is the place to plan ahead for summer fun. The Nashville Boat Show is coming back to Nashville’s Music City Center on January 10-13, 2019 and we have tickets to giveaway! The Nashville...

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Music City Moms is locally owned and operated by moms. There was a time it was owned by the newspaper but when they decided to shut it down, the moms still needed a place to connect. We believe it is important for moms to have a safe place to talk. Music City Moms is a place where you are safe and free to talk about anything and everything about being a mom. We only ask that you keep it real (and rated PG). We can’t wait to meet you!

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