For five years I was a mom to a girl. This meant that I spent a lot of time thinking pink and sparkles. Most of my play time with my child was spent playing with her baby dolls, having tea parties, or painting her cute little toes. I was comfortable with this role as a mom. I am a girl. I understood her and what she would like. Plus, come on, what mom does not love getting to be a dance mom and being backstage at ballet recitals with their daughter? It was a dream come true!

boy mom fun monster jam nashvilleThen, I got pregnant with my second child. We found out he was a boy. My husband was excited, but I was a little scared. What did I know about being a boy? Would I be able to handle bugs, mud, and trucks? Then, I fell in love with the sweet little boy I had. He had my heart from the moment he was born. I quickly learned to love all things blue and anything with wheels.

However, to be honest, I still lean to the activities that are more girl than they are boy. That may be the age difference between my kids (five years apart), but it is sadly true. My husband and I have decided to try to fix that and make sure we do activities geared to each of the kids. So on a recent Sunday afternoon, I put on my flannel shirt and cowboy boots, and the whole family went to Monster Jam. Could we have picked a more boy activity?

My daughter and I were a little unsure, and both kids thought it was odd to have to wear headphones. When those trucks hit the arena and my son stopped crying from the noise, he was in heaven. He watched the trucks jump the cars, sling the dirt, flip over, and race each other with a huge smile on his face. That smile made it all worth it! I started to relax and really watch what was going and started to like it. The show was fun, fast paced, and full of unexpected little things that kept you on the edge of your seat. Then, this pretty pink truck came out with a girl driver. That sealed the deal for my daughter and me, we became Monster Truck fans!

So, in the midst of a loud arena full of mud and the smell of oil, I found the inner boy mom. Since, that Sunday I have helped my son make ramps for his own little monster trucks, played Legos more, and snuggled his sweet face whenever he allows me too. I have always loved my son, but now I am starting to love the activities that make him happy.

monster jam trucks nashville fun for boys