Being a new momma can be a lot! We have all been there. Your feelings and emotions are valid. You should feel safe and supported. So be sure to have to a support system and someone you can rely on – Friends, Family, your partner, etc. I wanted to share a few things here that may help when the feelings of new mom overwhelm come. Because they will come one day, and it helps to be prepared.

new mom overwhelmedAcceptance. It is okay to feel overwhelmed as a new mom. It does not mean anything about who you are or how well you do anything. It is absolutely natural, in doing something new, to feel overwhelmed. Having a baby is no different. So, no judgement and this does not define anything about you. Acceptance that this is normal.

Gratitude. Reminding yourself of all that you are grateful for, rather than focusing on all the things that need to be done. I am grateful that we are healthy, safe, cared for, food on the table, time for naps, our home, the sunshine, my baby, my partner, my family. Make a list of things that you are grateful for and keep it on hand when you are feeling down. Gratitude actually rewires the brain, and truly helps.

Ask for help. They say a closed mouth is not fed. There is nothing wrong with admitting that we are not superhuman and that we need a bit of support. So, whether that is someone coming to help you clean the home, or make dinner, or watch the new one so you can take 30 minutes for yourself. Maybe you order groceries instead of going to the grocery store. You have your mom come watch the baby so you can take a bath. You ask your single friend to come vacuum your home in exchange for coffee or lunch. Ask and you shall receive.

Breathe and Journaling. I know these are two things, but I promised you four ways and I don’t want to overwhelm with these tools. Spend 5 Minutes focused on your breath. You can do this while nursing or rocking the baby. Think of it as a quick breath meditation. This will bring you back in tune with yourself and calm the nervous system. And journaling is a powerful tool to “brain dump” thoughts, feelings, ideas, and emotions. It’s better out than in. So, use this as a tool to get some things out and it will be fun to see the journey over time.

These tools are meant to be a guide for you to be prepared when things get a little hairy and the new mom overwhelm comes. Remember that you are a powerful, strong woman. You just grew and birthed a human, that in itself is amazing!

Be Well Ladies! Namaste.