When you look at all the things you need to buy when you’re expecting, sometimes it can get downright overwhelming. Thankfully, with a few spending strategies in place, you can prepare for the arrival of your bundle of joy without overspending. Here’s how frugal moms relax, stay on budget, and are ready when the big day arrives.

frugal moms pregnancy tipsSet Aside Me Time

Soon, your every waking moment will be consumed with tending your little one. While that’s a joy to savor in so many ways, it’s also an exhausting time. What’s more, even though pregnancy is exciting and miraculous, March of Dimes explains many women feel stressed during pregnancy, and that stress can actually affect your unborn child.

One thing you can do to lower your stress levels is add some meditation to your daily routine. It’s a habit you can carry over after your baby comes and beyond, and it doesn’t have to cost you anything. Just add a free app to your smartphone.

Get Away from It All

When it comes to me time, little can be better than a getaway. Why not take a timeout for yourself now, while you can? If you’re uncomfortable going far from home, a staycation could be just what the doctor ordered. Think about an attraction or two right here in Nashville that you don’t normally get to enjoy, and consider staying close by in a vacation rental. Turnkey notes you can easily find a rental nearby if you plan to visit Music Row to take in some tours, or settle into one of Nashville’s historic districts for a few days. Whatever will relax and revive you will be just right!

Many vacation rentals are less pricey than hotels, some have terrific amenities to make you feel pampered, and to top it all off, you can put the full kitchen to use since you’re watching your spending. Treat yourself to a couple of inexpensive, easy gourmet meals you wouldn’t normally splurge on. Another plus is the privacy and quiet of the homelike environment. Go to your favorite attraction, then come back to great eats, put on some relaxing music and comfy clothes, and enjoy your me time!

Think Previously-Loved

Since babies grow so fast, they outgrow their belongings quickly. When you’re shopping for used goods, that’s to your advantage, because the selection is typically deep and wide! To get started on the right foot financially, consider hitting some thrift shops, garage sales, and consignment sales for gently-used items, and you’re sure to find some bargains that are just the ticket. There are even online consignment shops you can explore on days when you don’t feel like getting out.

Buying used can really stretch your dollars, but as Babygaga points out, you don’t want to buy just any used baby gear. Things you can clean thoroughly are fine, such as clothing, toys, rockers, high chairs, changing tables, and so forth. However, some items should only be purchased new for safety concerns, like car seats, mattresses, cribs, and breast pumps.

Frugal Furnishings

It won’t take much shopping for you to discover baby furniture costs can add up fast. When it comes to creating a nursery that’s as affordable as it is adorable, consider starting with the crib. You know you need a new one, so look for a bargain, and bear in mind babies do grow quickly. For that reason, a convertible crib can be a boon for a frugal mom, growing with your baby through the years.

Once you have a crib selected, you can match other furniture to it. Consider buying used and painting each piece to match your crib. It’s an easy way to create the look you want while watching what you spend. You can even convert an old bookshelf or dresser into your changing table, so think through what pieces you already own that could take on a new form.

Preparing for a baby can be stressful in many ways. Take great care of yourself going into motherhood, and look for sales and previously-loved items to stretch your funds. Being a frugal mom is smart, and it’ll set you up for success when your bundle of joy arrives.

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