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The discussion on our forum about the Time magazine cover on breastfeeding made me realize that there is not enough information available to new moms who are having breastfeeding issues. I had trouble with my daughter falling asleep every time I would try to nurse her and ended up exclusively pumping for eight long months. I really wish I had known about the different breast feeding resources in Nashville that are available, many for free. So I asked Jenn Kenney from Your Family Doula to write down a list for us and here’s what she came up with.

Nashville Breastfeeding ResourcesNashville Breastfeeding Resources

  • Take a breastfeeding prep class.  If you can’t afford one or don’t have time, then you can take it out at the Nashville Public Library:  “Laugh and Learn About Breastfeeding.”  It’s a breastfeeding class by a lactation consultant on DVD.  Great to watch a month or so before your due date.  Laugh and Learn also has a childbirth and a newborn baby care DVD.
  • Breastfeeding books at the public library.  Have your husband check a few out once you deliver, so they are at your house when you need them.
  • Request to see a Lactation Consultant in the hospital at least twice before you leave.
  • Nashville Birth and Babies offers a support group where you can weigh your baby and see what is working for other mothers.
  • A Mother’s Place at Centennial Women’s Hospital – Breastfeeding HelpLine: 615-342-5650 IT’S FREE.  And you don’t have to deliver there to use them.  Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM:  Free phone advice from some great lactation consultants.  If you’re having issues, you can go in and they will help you in person.  When I had a major plugged duct that was completely blocking the flow from one breast, they gave me advice that got it flowing again, and they said if it didn’t work I could come in and they would “hook” me up to the hospital grade pump to get it unplugged. A Mother’s Place also does nursing bra fittings and sells just about everything to do with breastfeeding including pump supplies.  They also can help you make pumping more comfortable. And you can bring your baby in for a feeding.  They can weigh the baby before and after a feeding, so you can see how many ounces of milk the baby took in.
  • There is a facebook page that offers lots of support for moms needing some advice:
  • Dr. Jack Newman has some great videos of breastfeeding.  Sometimes you just need to SEE what’s going on with another baby.  These videos really helped me see and be able to tell if my child was actually swallowing and drinking or just comfort nursing.  Lots and lots of videos:
  • A ton of advice on all topics breastfeeding online.  It is really backed up on loads of research too.  This site includes a lot of medications and discusses if they are safe to take or not.