Lowe’s has brought back their Lowe’s Build & Grow workshops, but rebranded them to the DIY Kids’ Workshop. They are held monthly at participating locations. Registration is required, but they are completely free!

To keep everyone healthy during the pandemic, the program is no longer an in-store event. Be sure to register each kiddo to reserve your kit(s) and then make arrangements to pick it up on the assigned days. You’ll just stop by the Customer Service desk to get them. The kits are pre-packaged with everything you need to build the project at home.

Here is the article we wrote about the Build & Grow workshop. Do let us know if anything has changed!

We have recently discovered the Lowe’s Build and Grow workshops. They are free clinics for kids held monthly at participating Lowe’s home improvement stores. The children build a wooden project and get a free apron, goggles, patch, and certificate for participating.

The best part about them is how empowering they are for a child, to take some blocks of wood and make something useful. My daughter is so interested in doing them. She loves to follow the simple picture directions, put the pieces together, hammer in the nails, and end up with a completed project – something to take home to use or play with, or both. She occasionally needs help from me but the projects are right at her level (at 8 years old). These projects are recommended for ages 5-10 but I see a lot of younger kids there with their parents helping.

These are great fun and build all kinds of skills in a child. Just remember to bring some cotton for your ears – 50 little hammers going all at the same time create a lot of noise!

Find out when the next clinic will be at Lowe’s Build and Grow.

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