Are you a geek and love going to all the pubs and trivia nights that cater to your inner (or everyday) nerd? But, now that you have kids you find that those fun nights seem to be few and far between? I mean, in reality, when was the last time you were able to go to a “Way Late Play Date”? Yeah, same here, but I have come to your rescue with all the Geek fun for children in Nashville. We all know you are raising them up as mini-geeks in training after all.

For some comics, tabletop gaming, and supplies check out these locations:

1. Game Cave – Hermitage, TN – The Game Cave has various events every night for Magic: The Gathering. They have various tournaments open you can register for including ones for Warhammer, Star Wars:Legion, among others. You can purchase cards for Pokemon and Magic, supplies for Warhammer, TableTop Games and hobby supplies here.

2. Game Keep – Hermitage, TN – A place to shop and play for those gamers. They focus on tabletop games and Warhammer. There are table here for you to set up for games to happen. You can purchases miniatures, dice, books and other supplies here to help maximize your game experience.

3. Rick’s Comic City – Donelson, TN – This is strictly a comic store however they do have some board games and collectibles here.

4. Comix City Too – Madison, TN – This place has it all, comics, games, and shopping. They do board game demos, have open gaming tables for whatever game you want to start, and they host gaming events. Check out the calendar on their website to see what night you want to go play.

Game Galaxy Smyrna geek fun with kidsDo you just want to relax and play some games with your kids? These are gaming locations that have board games or arcade games for you to enjoy.

1. Game Point Cafe – Nashville, TN – Are board games your thing? Well this is your place. Think of it as a library mixed with a coffee shop. You can come here, pick out a board game to play, get some food and drinks, then play to your heart’s content. Are you trying a new game for the first time? They have game helpers available some nights to teach you the ropes.

2. Game Galaxy – Smyrna, TN and Hendersonville, TN – This is the place for all you arcade lovers. The location in Smyrna is a warehouse with rooms full of arcade games, pinball machines, and all your old-school game consoles. Pay a flat fee for all day and enjoy introducing your kids to all the games from your childhood.

These can also be fun experiences for those date nights you keep putting off (yes, I know it is true.) You never know what events will happen or who you may run into at these locations. Get those dice out, unearth those comics, and bring out the competition. We are bringing the geek fun for children and you don’t have to act your age either.

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