Are you looking for some indoor fun or some gift ideas? Here are some family friendly board games for all ages. Some may not seem like your three-year-old will get it but after help a few times they will be playing on their own as well.

family board gamesTicket to Ride / Ticket to Ride First Journey – There are multiple versions of the Ticket to Ride games. The First Journey one is the best to start with if you have preschoolers who will be involved. Not knowing this, we taught our four-year-old using the regular version. The regular version is longer than the First Journey one so they younger ones may get bored, but all ages can play this one.

Outfoxed – This is a great cooperative board game to play. It is a game where you have to figure out who stole the pie and use the scanner to find the clues. This is great for kids starting at age 5 and is a short game to play.

Catan/Catan Junior – Catan is a game where you build and settle the land. This game can take a long time so you want to be sure you have plenty of time set aside to relax and enjoy yourself. For the little one, you may want to start out by introducing them to Catan Junior (Ages 6 and up) or Catan Family edition. Beware, once you get hooked on this there are many expansions out there to expand your gameplay.

Clue – Clue is your basic detective family friendly board game that has been around for years. There are newer versions now but you still have to be moved throughout the mansion with Professor Plum and Miss Scarlett to figure out who killed who and with what.

Forbidden Island – There are a couple variations on this game, such as Forbidden Desert. Another cooperative game where you have to complete a task before something happens. In this case you have to collect the treasure before the island is covered in water. These games take around 30 minutes to play and most say for ages 10 and up but it was simple for my 6 year to pick it up after we played together a few times.

Pandemic – Pandemic is a cooperative game and it has expansions and various versions of the game. In this game, you work together to cure viruses before they cause an outbreak across the world.

Qwirkle -This is a block game in which you match the blocks together based on matching colors or matching shapes. It is a very abstract game and there is scoring; however, my kids just have fun seeing who can make the most matches and use all their tiles first.

Sushi Go – Sushi Go is a card game where you have to make sushi dishes to score points. This is a quick card game if you need to pass the time while waiting for dinner to come out or to keep busy.

Not ready to start buying all these family friendly board games yet? You can check some of these out and play them at places around town, like Game Point Café where you can hang out and play a game or two.

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