I am surrounded by bags of school supplies, my laundry is full of new polo shirts and uniform bottoms, but I am not ready to give in to a new school year just yet. I totally understand that in less than two weeks I will be taking photos of not only my daughter, who will be starting third grade, but of my son who will be starting pre-k this year too.

However, I am not ready to release the fun of summer. I want to hold on to the fun and freedom at least a little while longer. I want to try to keep a little bit of the magic of summer as we head into the stress of the fall.

summer activities after new school yearMonday through Friday will soon be school days again. But that does not mean we cannot have a picnic dinner on our porch. Sitting with the family in the setting sun, eating, and laughing can make the stress of the day melt away. We can even do homework on the patio table with the sun shining on our faces. Changing locations to outside for homework may make it not as bad. Riding bikes, drawing with chalk, and blowing bubbles after school is a must for sure. Maybe even going outside in their PJs to catch fireflies can happen once in awhile.

When Saturdays roll around, I plan on soaking up the sun with my little family. Maybe hitting a favorite pool or splash pad sounds like some summer fun revisited to you. Heading to Bobbie’s Diary Dip for a great ice cream treat to beat the heat or just to eat some yummy food is more your family’s style. If heat is not your favorite thing, you can always go see a new movie or visit one of the many indoor trampoline or bounce houses in and around town. I personally do not want to see my awesome summer tan fade too much, so heading outside to play is a must. I see a few hikes, swims, and maybe some river wading in my near future (at least till the warmth of summer fades).

School may be starting and, with that, the homework and projects will soon start. But life does not have to be all work and no play. Look back on all the memories you made this summer and use your nights and weekends to keep making new ones. Hold on to the fun of summer!