Nothing is more personal than a handwritten note. Whether it’s a thank you for something thoughtful or words of encouragement to a neighbor or friend, delivering handwritten notes never goes unnoticed. In today’s digital age, it is important that the art of handwritten notes doesn’t get lost. Technology has taken over and that’s great! Our world is progressing and communicating has never been easier. But, keeping more personal means of communication flowing is just as important!

Let’s go back to the basics.

Those were the days where making a handmade card for Mother’s Day and addressing envelopes without a label was the norm. None of this Instagram private messaging or texting stuff!

writing thank you notes childrenWriting is one of the fundamentals of our education and, even though we have all the digital means we can ask for, you never know what could happen – so, it’s important that handwriting is still number one. Not to mention handwritten notes teach children how to be thankful, polite, and show gratitude. It can also help build confidence in their writing and communication skills. Putting yourself out there even through a note can be intimidating as a child, but it will build social skills, manners, and so much more!

Here are 5 reasons why handwritten notes in the digital age are so important and tips on meshing the digital world with the old school one.

Teach Fundamentals

The alphabet, reading, writing, speaking, and communication are the fundamentals of human interaction. Teaching your children to write handwritten notes will instill those skills in them for a lifetime. And bottom line, that’s important!

Develop Skills

Handwritten notes can help develop skills like handwriting, non-verbal communication, tact, and so much more. These are things you will carry through to adulthood and what will help set you apart from others. Rather than a text filled with slang, a handwritten thank you note can show intelligence and respect.

Increase Confidence

Remember how intimidating it was to write a thank you note as a child, even to your grandpa? Or the nerves you felt sending a Valentine with an extra special note? Those moments are so important because it teaches you how to break out of your shell and fight through the anxiety to gain confidence in yourself. It may seem like a huge feat for such a small act, but it’s the little things that add up.

Exercise Communication

Written communication is a must! Whether it is in digital format or handwritten, exercising written communication is just as important as verbal or non-verbal.

Instill Gratitude

Thank you notes or words of wisdom to someone will show you’re thankful and grateful for a gift or a gesture or can offer that lending hand someone may need. Keep it personal and it will always be appreciated.

You see now that handwritten notes are important, but how can you incorporate your digital itch into the process? Creating customized personal stationery and thank you notes online is a great way to get started. Basic Invite offers unique designs that can be personalized to fit your style including a gorgeous foil collection so your handwritten notes can be delivered on a finely printed card stock that will impress!

Keep some personal stationery on hand just in case! And be sure to enforce thank you cards in your household after any event like holidays, birthday parties, or graduations!

Happy customizing and happy handwriting!

Basic Invite importance handwritten thank you notes childrenKatie Janota is a journalist and writer who graduated from the University of Cincinnati where she spent time working for a local online magazine and volunteered for various non-profit organizations. She now works as a publicist for the online invitation company, Basic Invite and is in expert in all things stationery!