mom self care relax bathFebruary may be the month of love but how often do you take the time to love yourself? I am not talking about big grand gestures that take a lot of time, but you can take five minutes anytime to refocus and refresh. Celebrate yourself anytime of the year with a small dose of love every day using some of these Mom self care ideas.

  1. Take some extra time to try out a relaxing bath, maybe throw in that bath bomb you got as a gift and put on music or read a book. That 20 minutes will help you relax and prepare for what comes next.
  2. Free your mind with some journaling or drawing. That release of creativity or free writing will help let so some of the stress and tension built up that you keep putting off.
  3. mom self care meditate journalMediation is a great way to take five minutes to relax and refocus. Even better is this does not require anything to do. You can simply focus on your breathing anywhere and let the world go for those five minutes.
  4. Positive affirmations are excellent ways to remind yourself you are amazing and loved. You can collect these and put them up around your house or keep them in notebooks or on your phone. I like to look some up when I am having a rough day.

However, you decide to take the time to refocus and remember you are loved, just remember to take that time. You need to remember that you cannot pour from an empty cup so be sure to take the time you need to refill your cup.