Dear Moms and Dads,

Right now, we are all facing something no one in our lifetime has ever really seen or been a part of. Daily, we have to deal with new restrictions and closures. Kids are out of school for an undefined amount of time. Many people are working from home or not at all. Anxiety is at an all-time high for most people and toilet paper is the hottest topic on social media. We are living in a strange time for sure.

But, I wanted to take a moment and encourage all of us tired and stressed parents. Yes, it is crazy right now. However, I would like to encourage us all to lean into the good happening. Yes, I promise you there is good happening all around you.

chalk writing on sidewalkBreathe, just breathe first.

The best thing I have done is start a notebook to keep up with academic websites, ideas to keep kids busy, to-do list to clean out my closets, live events happening to keep us all busy and learning, etc. If not, it all weighs me down and I can’t keep up.

Second, get outside, Moms and Dads, with your kids. Take a ball and pass it around, walk the neighborhoods – while keeping distant from those also walking. But when you see people say “hey” and ask how they are holding up. Write sidewalk chalk messages to those passing by. Today, I hid five animals in our windows and told them to look for them in the chalk. It’s something small, but fun, for all walking by. Being outside is so good for your soul. Look for the signs of spring, see the trees bloom, plants peeping out of the soil, and birds building a nest. Slow down and enjoy the change of seasons. Toss the ball for hours. When else do you have all this time to just play with your kids?

For all of us trying to work on school skills with our kids, don’t stress out! Do what you can and do not let it become a negative in your house. If your school is providing lessons, do what you can and ask for help. Teachers want to help. Do not be afraid to ask. If your school is not offering formal lessons, then read with your child, talk about what you are reading, write – just write (this can be fun or serious), journal what is happening in the world right now, research a fun topic on line – find and follow some art lessons or science lessons. Just have fun. Cook together, read a book, watch movies from your childhood with your kids, and have those long talks you longed for.

My biggest take away, Moms and Dads, is please, please give yourself grace right now. We are all so stressed. Your kids are too, even if they don’t know how to express it. They are missing school, friends, baseball, dance, and so much more. Give all of your grace and forgiveness right now. Sleep in, find rest, and take time to seek out the good. We can all get through this together.

Be kind to yourself,