Was it really a few short weeks ago that I was eagerly anticipating the return of school and routine for my family? Now that we’ve reached the end of January, I feel as though we hit the ground running and I’m checking my calendar for Spring Break dates.

Way back when we had all that downtime, I also created a couple of resolutions for myself. They aren’t very extreme or really even that interesting; just the usual suspects of organizing, getting healthy and managing money. I know that I may not stick with these resolutions without some assistance, but thanks to technology I have all the assistance I need literally in the palm of my hand. Thank you, apps! So, here are my 5 favorite apps for busy moms to help me keep my resolutions this time.


Mint money management 5 favorite apps for busy momsThis app is pretty well known and respected for its money management capabilities. With Mint, all my accounts are connected to my expenses so it categorizes my spending for me. Then I can see in a graph just how much money I’ve spent on, um, maybe Athleta rather than paying off my car.

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal calorie counter appMy Fitness Pal is an app designed to help with calorie counting and diet as you log both food and exercise daily. While I don’t actually have a weight goal, I’ve found that entering in everything I eat keeps me incredibly accountable for making healthier food choices. A caution though: weighing all food choices based on nutrition gets pretty boring.

2DO: Tasks Done In Style

2Do task manager 5 favorite apps for busy momsThis app is just a very nice to-do list that appeals to my visual side. I like to-do lists and checking things off because I need that instant reinforcement that I have DONE something. This app lets me play with lists, plus I can organize them into folders and sync with my Mac and Outlook.


Evernote note taking appWhile I originally started using Evernote for business, I found it so handy that I use it for personal information too. This app syncs across devices and allows me to store notes, images, text files, articles and emails in one handy location. I can also organize and search through notebooks to find exactly what I need by keyword. Vacation Bible School planning was a lot easier with this app.


Basil recipe appMy quest to keep it healthy means the ongoing attempt to eliminate processed foods. This, naturally, means a lot more time spent in the kitchen whipping up breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. There is no way I can sustain a schedule like that without a lot of support. Basil basically lets me find my favorite recipes, save them, and have gorgeous photos to go with them. The other useful features include auto timers, unit conversion, notes and I can check off the ingredients as they are used.

The truth is, the myriad of app choices overwhelms me. Of course, sticking to my resolutions seems pretty overwhelming too. However, with any luck, these 5 apps will help me stay on track and committed; if not- there’s probably another app for that.