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Organized, Prepared, Patient, and FUN are some of the words that come to mind when I think about Rolling Video Games. There are a few video game truck party companies out there but what really sets Rolling Video Games apart is the owner, John Richardson – his attention to detail and great attitude really make the difference. John was our game coach and everyone had a fantastic time.

rolling video games review nashvilleBut let me back up a little bit. My daughter is a huge Minecraft fan and wanted a Minecraft birthday party. I thought and thought about a birthday party idea to have some of her friends play Minecraft together. After thinking about all of the devices and licenses involved, it was too much for me to take on. But I remembered seeing an article in the paper about Rolling Video Games Nashville when they were first starting up. I found them through an online search, as well as some of their competitors, and sent emails to all of them asking if they offered Minecraft as one of their games. The first response I got was from John at Rolling Video Games Nashville. Not only does he offer Minecraft as a game, but he and his sons play it (this comes in really handy in the middle of the party when someone needs help with the game).

Rolling Video Games is a mobile video game theater with 4 big screen TVs that connect to XBOX, PS3, and Wii consoles that can each play up to 4 players – that’s 16 players, all playing the same game or a different game on each TV. In addition to Minecraft, they offer a multitude of other games – racing, sports, dance, etc.

rolling video games nashville birthday partyThe online system that Rolling Video Games uses to book and confirm parties makes the whole process so easy. We spoke on the phone a few times about the details, but I paid the deposit, confirmed the party, and paid the balance all online. It was so simple.

The day of the party, we got a call saying he was 15-20 minutes away, right on time. And while we were finishing up the cake, John found the perfect place to park the video game truck and got everything ready for the next two hours of mining and crafting. He helped everyone figure out the controllers and got the gaming underway. There were several newbies in the group and John sat down with them to help them do things in the game, explained everything, and really helped them have a fun experience even though they didn’t know the game. We ended up with one of the four TVs playing a different game for the kids who wanted some variety. They played Mario Party, NBA Jam, and NCAA Football.

I was afraid there would be much kicking and screaming at the end of the party but I think 2 hours is perfect and they (most of them, anyway) were ready for some fresh air and to move around a bit when their parents picked them up.

These are some quotes overheard during the party:

  • “This is the best day of my life!” -ZD
  • “This is a fun party!” -MM
  • “Two minutes left?! It seems like you said ‘an hour left’ about 5 minutes ago!” -HT
  • “This is so much fun!” -LE
  • “This is the party of the year!” -RE

And since the party, every child that was there tells me that they are going to have the video game truck come for their birthday party!

Rolling Video Games Nashville offers the best video gaming and Minecraft birthday party idea. I hope you will check them out!

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