I love celebrating birthdays – especially my own kids’ birthdays. I have started many traditions that we have carried over the years, no matter what we do to celebrate it with family and friends. Most of these traditions cost little money and my kids look forward to them every year. Here are some ideas for celebrating a kid’s birthday on a budget.

Photo Banner

First thing I want to share is my Birthday Person Year in Review Banner. I simply send photos to Walgreens to be printed. The photos I choose show the highlights of the person during the last year, since the previous birthday. I pick the funny ones, the ones showing new things they learned or tried, and big moments they may have had. I try to pick one photo for each month for around 12-15 pictures. I simply send them from my phone to Walgreens through the app. It costs a few dollars and I always look for a coupon. Then I hang the photos using clothes pins on a string from my mantle. Once the birthday has passed, I place them in a simple photo album for the person to keep when they get older.

kid's birthday celebration on a budget

Meal Choices

Secondly, I always let the person who is being celebrated choose that day’s menu. They get their favorites for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sometimes, that means I cook it and sometimes it is take out depending on what they choose. This year one of my kids had cinnamon rolls I made at home, Taco Bell for lunch, and Pizza for dinner. My other kid had powder donuts, chicken nuggets for lunch, and Chick-Fil-A take-out after her dance class. They love getting to plan the menu for the day. Most of the time, it ends up being things I can cook or pick up cheaply. When they were not on virtual school, I always took lunch to school.

Decorationscelebrate kid's birthday on a bidget

Lastly my favorite thing to do is decorate a little at home with a fun theme that fits that person’s interest that year. This started when we had at-home parties to celebrate the birthdays, but I continue to decorate inside the house even if we are having a party outside. I always decorate the dining room and mantle. This can be done on a budget from places like Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and around your own home. I use streamers, balloons, printouts I find off the internet, and favorite items that go with the theme. I have done flowers for my daughter, Harry Potter for my son, Star Wars for my husband, and so many others. I enjoy decorating to surprise them on birthday morning and it makes the house festive.

All in all, celebrating a kid’s birthday on a budget can be a lot of fun. It takes just a little money, a little time, and patience to make someone feel special on their birthday. Enjoy the process and all the smiles when it is done.