By now, we are all tired of hearing about COVID and how different everything is around us. But hang in there with me while I share a few fun ways our family will be celebrating the upcoming holidays. Many of these ideas would work even if your family is not totally into the holidays. The main focus is on spending time together, making memories together, and having a safe holiday season.

Lightssafe holiday season nashville cheekwood lights

One of our favorite things to do this time of year is seeing lights. You can choose to go to some of the amazing light shows in the surrounding areas or you can choose to just drive around your hood. We love to cozy up in our PJs one night and drive around to look at the lights. A fun addition to this  is the special light glasses you can find in stores that makes you see different objects in the lights like Santa’s head or an elf. We also will sometimes pop some popcorn to take or grab some cookies and hot chocolate. It is a chill night to be together and enjoy the displays our neighbors have put in their yards. Maybe even vote on your favorite at the end of the night.


Craft day is my personal favorite with my kids. This has varied over the years depending on their age and time we have. It can be as simple as grabbing paper, crayons, scissors, and some stencils and making cards for friends. Some years I have researched and planned more elaborate projects like homemade ornaments out of cinnamon dough or clay, reindeer out of a small clay pot etc. Just go crazy on Pinterest – you can find so many options for your kids age ranges. If that makes you nervous head to the local craft store and grab a kit already planned out for you. There are a lot of options there as well. Just have fun and do not worry about the mess. Then it is fun to gift these creations to family and friends.


Cookie baking day!! My kids love this day the most. We will put on our aprons and bake some cookies to decorate. Sugar cookies, sprinkles, and icing in any form you like is all you need. Okay well maybe some patience as well – this can get messy. Put on some holiday music and just have fun together. I highly recommend paper plates and knives to spread the icing with. Then use a muffin pan to put different sprinkles or candies in to use on the cookies. See who can make the most creative cookie! End the time with some milk and cookies enjoyed together. Don’t forget to save a few for Santa!

Gingerbread Housessafe holidays gingerbread house

Gingerbread contests seem to be huge on Facebook this year. Have your family members decorate a gingerbread house, then take pics and place on FB for your friends and family to vote on the best. This may take longer than you plan to get those houses to stand up. So make sure to carve out a good amount of time for this family time. Gingerbread houses can be found in almost any store around right now and many stores are still doing curbside if you need that option. I have also seen many post online this year about using graham crackers or Pop Tarts to make small houses to decorate and using leftover Halloween candy to decorate if you have any. Whatever way your family makes a gingerbread house enjoy your time. Then if you like, I heard a friend say her family takes them outside to destroy. This sounds like a fun ending to this time. I may start doing this with my family this year.

Movie Night

Movie Night is a most this time of year as well. It is dark so early right now. Get everyone in their coziest PJs and pick a great family movie to enjoy together. This is our every Friday night. We are all so tired by Friday it gives us something to look forward to. We have pizza to make for an easy dinner. There are so many awesome holiday movies you can enjoy together!

I hope this helps you think of a few family times together in the coming weeks. Whatever you do, have a fun and safe holiday season. Merry Christmas from my family to ours!