Boo Basket Halloween Fun NashvilleWhen I worked in a big company with wall-to-wall cubicles, I learned about this fun Halloween tradition of “Getting Boo-ed.” A Boo is a bag or basket of treats and other goodies that are left anonymously with a note to pay it forward.

The note explains that you should hang up the included sign for others to know that you’ve already been Boo-ed and in the next 24-48 hours you are expected to Boo two more people so the fun is spread through your office or neighborhood. This continues until Halloween when, hopefully, everyone has had a chance to receive a Boo.

It doesn’t take much to start this tradition in your office or neighborhood – just a few bags of goodies and the note and accompanying sign. I’ve attached some below. Please copy, print, change the wording, whatever you want. Just have fun!

This is one of my favorite Boo poems (from

You’ve Been Boo-ed!

Someone sneaky placed this boo
to give this treat just to you!

Tricks and Treats and spooks galore,
now place this Boo upon your door.

Halloween night is almost here
so spread the spooky treating cheer.

Make a copy, then make two
boo 2 friends but don’t tell who,

Friends & neighbors gather ‘round
leave a boo without a sound.

Soon the boos will find their way
to boo each friend in time to say


You can find a myriad of signs and poems for your Boo Bag. Pinterest and Google are great resources. Below are a couple of options to get you started. But don’t let the choices bog you down. Just pick one, make a few copies, and start spreading some Halloween cheer!

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