It is about that time of year again when those pesky little elves reappear from the North Pole. I know some people love them, and some people dread it every Christmas season. I personally love our two elves. Yes, we have two elves. I did this for when they grow up and want them for their own families, they would each have one. So, a day or so after Thanksgiving, Red and Snowflake arrive for Christmas season fun. I thought I would share a few Elf on the Shelf tips I have picked up after a few years of elf fun.

Elf on the Shelf tips Christmas ElfMoving the Elf

One: If you tend to forget to move it, set a reminder notification on your phone for a time after your kids go to bed. This will keep you from that dreaded waking in the middle of the night in a sweat that you forgot to move it. However, if that doesn’t work and you still forget just tell your kids your elf was too tired to move that night. I have even had friends who had the elf stay in one spot all season, and that works too. You do not have to move it daily if your family doesn’t want it to. Make it your own.

Creative Ideas

Second tip: Get help for ideas! Use the free printables from the Elf on the Shelf website. They are great printables you can use to make it easy and fun to have the elves in your house. They also have some fun little videos and video games to play for your kids. They have lots of tips and fun ideas to help parents out too. I highly recommend checking out the parent section and taking the planning out of it by letting someone else do it for you. I have already printed many of the printables to use with my kids. Also check our Pinterest Elf on the Shelf board for ideas. Easy peasy is the name of the game during the holidays.

Have Fun

Lastly: My biggest tip is to have fun. Don’t stress! If you are tired just stick them in the tree or the stockings you do not have to do big staged events each night. Let them bring items to do together – our elves always bring the items to make cookies as a family. Be silly – dye the milk green and have the elves sitting in the fridge near it. It is supposed to be fun. If your kids are getting older and you have a little one still around, have the older kid help you with the elves. It can be fun to be let in on the game for kids getting older.

Have fun and don’t forget to move that elf!!