Thank you Nashville Shores for giving my family a fun day out on Sunday. We drove across town to take part of their special Halloween themed days that are on Saturday’s and Sunday’s this month. It is a kid friendly Halloween themed event, that includes the tallest Frankenstein I have ever seen. My kids loved standing by the growth chart that runs beside the huge monster for photos! You can see him all over the area. I loved that all the activities were close together and not spread all over a huge area. Very easy for young kids and physically disabled kids to get to all of it without tiring out too fast. The activities are basically laid out in a circle around a central gazebo. I would warn that strollers could not easily go on the trail for the trick or treating, but it is pretty short. (Some did push it strollers, but it is off-roading for sure.) Also, you would need help to get the stroller down the set of stairs at the beginning.

Booville at Nashville Shores Halloween eventsWhen we first got there, we did a loop around to see what was included in the wristbands, what we had to pay extra for, etc. Then, my kids played on the bouncy houses while my husband went and purchased tickets for all the fun carnival games you could purchase tickets for. The carnival games, pumpkins to paint, and food were not included in the price to get in to the event. My kids had a lot of fun choosing and playing games with their tickets. The favorites were the Witch Hat Toss and the Dracula Plinko games! My son loved that you got a prize no matter what, if you did really well you got a bigger prize, or a smaller prize if you just complete the game. He loves to collect little items and was thrilled when he finally won a stuffed animal monkey. There were several fun games to choose from around the area and most were great for little to big kids.

After all their tickets were gone, we went on the trick or treating trail. The trail had people in costumes sprinkled around with cute backdrops behind each person that matched their costume. The workers were friendly and each gave out some type of candy or treat. We also loved the cute monster cut-outs hiding near trees along the way. After we finished the trick or treating we explored the Hay Bale Maze next door to the trail. My son liked to go down the dead ends then laugh and laugh. It is a small maze but super fun for the kids to play and explore. There was also a storytime area but we were not there during one of the stories. The website has those times listed if you would like to time your visit to hear the story. It was a cute little area with hay bales to sit on and a throne for the story person.

We had some time to spend before the costume contest started, so we then headed to the playground and the kids had a lot of fun playing on the slide and swings in their costumes. They do host a Costume Contest at 2:00 each day. They give away season passes to the winner. I will warn you to be patient as it takes a little time to line up and be judged. Each child does get a Halloween foam mask for entering. Just be patient and enjoy seeing all the cute kiddos dressed up. This is for ages birth to ten to enter to be judged.

Booville also has an art area. They have coloring sheets and a cute monster hug card you can make for free. Pumpkins can be purchased and you may spend some time painting them in this area for a small cost as well. The area has a corn filled play area that looked fun, but mine never slowed down to play in. There was also a sandbox near the playground. It looked fun! Face painting is under a tent near the bounce houses and was included in the wristbands, but my kids had on masks so we skipped that. The line was not too long and they had a sheet of choices to choose from so it moved pretty quickly while we were there.

I would say all in all we had a great time at this event. I loved that it was fun without being too overwhelming for my children. I also loved that it was easy to park, get to a clean bathroom, and enjoy the activities available. The staff was friendly and helpful and the park was clean. I appreciate Nashville Shores for the great memories and fun!