I want to tell you about my experience with my new chiropractor, Dr. Zyla-Herrera, at Precision Care Chiropractic. I’m not writing this because she is a sponsor of Music City Moms. I’m writing this because she is AMAZING and I want everyone to know about her and her practice.

A little history first: I have been going to a standard chiropractor for at least 3 years. He would do the same crack/pop adjustments at every appointment and I’d have to go back for an adjustment every 5 weeks. He did x-rays at the beginning and never did any other follow-up x-ray or test. He just went by what I told him and how I was feeling. In addition, I was starting to have more acute back pain, in a place that I had never hurt before. I felt like things were getting worse. These were not the results I was looking for.

I met Dr. Zyla-Herrera at a networking event and really enjoyed talking with her. She is a very nice person. When she told me she was a chiropractor, I said that I was looking for a new one. She asked me why I was looking and sincerely listened to my list of complaints. I know she was making mental notes of what not to do to her clients. She wasn’t pushy at all. In fact, she didn’t even talk about the technique she uses called Atlas Orthogonal. But I did get her business card.

It took me a while to look up her website. I saw the video on the home page that talks about Atlas Orthogonal. She is the only chiropractor in Middle Tennessee trained in this technique. And I was leery. It wasn’t what I was used to. However, what I was used to wasn’t getting results. So after asking my friends about it (and by the way, nobody had ever heard of it), I decided to take the plunge. Something needed to change. I was feeling terrible. My back and neck hurt. My sinuses and ears were infected. Something had to give.

At my first appointment, she ran two tests running a little roller down my back and she took several x-rays. She did not adjust anything that first day. She wanted to actually see what was going on with my back before she did anything.

I came back the next day and she showed me all of the results and x-rays. I was a prime candidate for the Atlas Orthogonal technique because my worst point was C1 – the atlas – the very top vertebrae in the spine. With it out of whack, the rest of my spine had no chance of being in line. After that consultation, she adjusted me for the first time. The worst part is the position you have to be on the table so she can get to the atlas. You lie on your side and rest your jaw on a support on the bed. She then had to pull my ear out of the way so the atlas adjuster (I’m sure it has a real name but I don’t know it) could be in the correct position. It only uses 6 pounds of pressure. It is a very precise and very soft tap to move it back into position. Then I moved to the other table and she adjusted some other parts of my spine and pelvis. She only adjusts what needs it and uses the clicker (it has a name too but I don’t know it) and gravity to help get things back in line.

After that first adjustment, she took another x-ray to see if she got it right. When I sat down in the x-ray room, I could breathe through my nose for the first time in months. I was really shocked. One adjustment and about 10 minutes later, I could breathe! Dr. Z explained that C2, the one right next to the atlas, controls the sinuses and it was likely being affected since C1 was out of line. I went there because my back was hurting. Helping to clear my sinus infection was an added bonus.

I’ve been going to Precision Care Chiropractic for about a month now. She never uses a lot of force. She doesn’t twist me into a pretzel to pop my back. She is usually right on time. She is always professional. She goes above and beyond to help with my specific problems and is always willing to answer my questions. I can’t say enough good things about my experience there and I sincerely hope that you will give her a call.


Precision Care Chiropractic, Atlas Orthogonal, Franklin TNAs I said before, she is a sponsor and is offering Music City Moms $75 off new patient services for the months of August and September (2012). So if you are looking for a chiropractor, please check her out.

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