Dating can be tough for single moms in the Music City. When you work long hours and Friday night finally gets here most of the time you don’t feel like getting out. And if you are lucky to have family or a sitter to watch your kids usually you can’t stay out very late. Going to bars can be a hassle and as my mother always told me, “You won’t find gold in a trash can”. Luckily there are a lot of options for finding members of the opposite sex in Nashville that don’t put you in a smoky bar at midnight on a weekend.

nashville singles online dating how to meet single parents in nashville One of the best places to meet people are in local churches. Most churches have single church groups and have mixers from time to time for their members to meet other singles. Churches also offer softball, choir concerts, and other events that are a good way to meet those involved in the church.

If church isn’t your thing a Titans or Vanderbilt football game are good ways to meet single men in Nashville. Guys love football and a game on Saturday or Sunday will be packed with eligible guys. And if you can meet a rich Vanderbilt grad that’s only a plus, right? If you do go to a Vanderbilt game, you really don’t want to sit in the student section. The kids get pretty rowdy and get up to walk around during the game. Make sure you sit on the press box side where most of the wealthy and well behaved fans sit. If you go to a Titans game, make sure you find a place to tailgate before the game. That way you have some time to mingle with fellow Titan fans before the game.

Another option is online dating. Meeting a guy online used to be taboo but now it’s the new norm. is arguably the most popular site in the United States and offers a deep pool of people to choose from. Match has been around for years and has a good track record of converting dates into marriages. is a free dating site, but by being free it invites a lot of less than desirable men who get on the site to look for a quick hookup. single parents meet Nashville single is a newer site that is only for residents of Middle Tennessee. Other sites have members all over the world who can contact you but only accepts members that live within a 60 mile radius of Nashville. That way you don’t have guys in North Dakota blowing up your inbox when you’d rather take the time to see messages from men who actually live close to you. is another popular site that matches you up with local singles. Its popularity stems from being able to see which members are close to you when you are online.

If online dating isn’t your thing a trip to the store could change your life forever. Years ago I used to manage a grocery store and several times a week I would see male customers approach females in the store and start talking to them in hopes of getting their number. I have even seen women ask men out while shopping.

Dog owners can meet other single dog owners at dog parks around Nashville. The two best dog parks in town are Edwin Warner Dog Park by the Steeplechase and Centennial Dog Park on West End. Single guys have dogs too and on Saturdays those places are covered up with men. Dogs are good ice breakers too and it’s easy to start a conversation if your four-legged friend is playing with another dog that belongs to someone you are attracted to.

You’ve always heard the saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach right? Go check out some restaurants by busy office buildings downtown. My cousin met her husband a Jersey Mikes next to his law office at lunchtime. Both were standing in line and they began to make small talk. 18 months later they were getting married.

Whether you are downtown, at the park, or online you can meet a guy if you know where to look. Good luck!


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