Moms today are faced with a tremendous amount of struggles. The world just seems to move faster than in years past. The daily demands on mom’s attention are overwhelming.

mommy makeover plastic surgery for mothersThe pressures for the children to be shuttled from the “right” activity to the next activity are ever present. It’s a rare occasion when mom gets to take time for herself. But, thankfully, more mothers are realizing the importance of this and are doing something about it. This may mean something like a simple cup of coffee, a new hairstyle, a weekly scheduled class at the gym, or even a mommy makeover.

I think it’s fair to assume each mom understands what a cup of coffee, a new hairstyle, a scheduled gym class might mean. But, it may not be abundantly clear what, in fact, a mommy makeover entails.

Let’s explore this together:

A mommy makeover is an individualized combination of surgical procedures to restore the body, and the confidence, to the way it was before giving birth. Aside from the physical changes, which are significant, the mental and emotional changes that take place are unprecedented.

A mommy makeover is broken up into three parts: breast, body and other.

Breast: for the chest area we typically will perform a breast augmentation and/or breast lift in order to restore the fullness and perkiness of the breast. The need for the breast lift usually depends upon the time of the duration of breast-feeding. And the resultant deflation that takes place.

For the abdominal region, a mommy makeover typically involves a tummy tuck to remove stretched out skin and excess fat. Liposuction to the flanks/ sides may also be combined at the same setting for further contouring of the waist.

The third category of the mommy makeover involves other areas including facial and/or vaginal rejuvenation. This is a very broad category and may include procedures such as an eyelid lift, facelift or something as simple as Botox injection or filler placement to rejuvenate the skin and face. A labiaplasty can be used to reverse the effects pregnancy has with stretching of the vaginal tissue.

Since we are considering our beauty, a mommy makeover usually combines the basics of a medical grade skin care regimen to increase the health of a mom’s skin.

For many healthy moms, a mommy makeover can be performed on an outpatient basis meaning the mom goes home the same day of surgery. A recovery time of 2 to 3 weeks is typical, but the confidence restored can last a lifetime.