Summer means travel, vacations and more activity in general for most of us. While having fun is super important it can create havoc for even the most health-conscious.

Here are a few sure-fire tips to help you stay on track.

vacation exercise anywhere jump ropeFind an activity that’s easy to do anywhere.

Jogging and walking are easy to incorporate in almost any schedule and can be done anywhere. Try taking the stairs instead of relying on an elevator. Or take a few laps in your hotel pool. Weather or safety concerns? Take a jump-rope for a harder-than it looks boost in your calorie burning and heart-healthy activities.

Use your body.

It’s great for workout equipment. Planks, pushups and lunges are all effective because you are using your own body weight for resistance.

Try something new.

Make it a point to try a new activity. A pool fitness class or beach yoga may not be something you’d ever do at home, but on vacation it can be just the thing to get you moving.

stay in shape on vacation healthy eatingPlan Ahead.

Eating out or having limited food choices will be a bad combo if you don’t plan. Yes, have an amazing dinner at the cool restaurant but make sure you stay on course the other meals of the day. Grab healthy snacks through the day such as fruit or a nutrition bar. Eat light at most of your meals.  Make sure you bring a water bottle on your trip to ensure that you are getting enough water.

Get adjusted.

Before or after your trip (or both) will help. Long plane rides or car trips coupled with unfamiliar mattresses and pillows can cause pain in your body. Making sure your body is properly aligned before and after your trip can make sure you are feeling your best so that you can fully enjoy your vacation.