As a mother, you have very little time as it is, and now the experts recommend naps and self-care for mothers?? Like when??

Yep! I hear you! And I can relate. I am the oldest of six kids. Our house was crazy growing up. My mother never got the time or space to nap, even though I’m sure she desperately needed it. As the oldest, I grew up quickly being my siblings’ second mother. Our days were filled with laundry, chores, kiddos, and homeschooling. Yes, we were homeschooled!

journaling self-care for momsI developed a healthy respect for my mother and all moms at an early age. The amazing-ness of the woman’s body to grow a human being, and to bring that life into the world is nothing like I have ever seen before. So, I am here to bring you, amazing mom, some positive ideas and rituals for self-care for mothers that are easy to implement into your days:

Wake Up with a Workout

Beginning your day with a workout gets your blood pumping, releases any stuck energy, and sets the tone for your day. You are putting your health first and your body is taking notes. It will work harder for you when you treat it well. Also, it is usually the only time when no-one needs you!

Gratitude Journaling

Taking 5 minutes to write down 3 things you are grateful for each day will rewire your brain to be more positive and happier. Set your journal by the bed or in a place it is easily seen and create a habit of using it daily. You will see a difference

Meditation or Prayer

Taking 5 minutes to meditate or pray is vital for your mind and soul. Acknowledging that you are not alone, there is a higher power available to you, and the universe (God) is supporting you.

30 Minutes a Day for “YOU”

Carving out 30 minutes….
Schedule it with your partner. Arrange for a friend to come watch the baby or kids. You absolutely need that time to refresh in a bath, nap, read a book, or get a massage.

Self-care is not selfish, it is necessary. You are worth it. You deserve it. You are an amazing, powerful feminine being. The visionary for her family. Self-care is vital to your well being and the family and community around you. It helps with stress management, creates space for you to be you, and makes you better for it!

Now go take a nap!