New to the scene, just minutes outside of Nashville in Donelson, is Native Pilates, a boutique studio offering clients an intimate experience for their wellness needs. Featuring yoga and Pilates, this studio has much to offer, particularly for mothers.

I spoke with owner, Amanda Howard, to find out more about what her studio has to offer the mothers in our community.

mom workshops attachment parenting babywearing nashville“The work that we do in Pilates is wonderful for the perinatal body in so many ways. The exercises are very supportive and low impact during pregnancy and can help to prepare the body for labor, delivery, and for a better recovery time after birth. After baby, Pilates can help with finding abdominal and pelvic floor connections again, as it can be challenging to find the deep core muscles after baby. It is never too late to start learning these exercises, no matter what phase of postpartum you are, however, the earlier you can learn them, the quicker your body understands connection and can recover after baby.”

If you are a mother, then chances are you’ve heard about Diastasis Recti. Mothers all over Nashville are suffering from this to some degree and looking for ways to support their postpartum bodies (whether that be weeks or years postpartum). But how can Pilates help address this very common problem in mothers?

“Pilates can definitely help with Diastasis Recti. DR happens when the connective tissue between the abdominals separates during pregnancy. Sometimes the abdominal muscles do not come back together all the way for various reasons. In Pilates, we work to strengthen the deeper abdominal and deep core muscles closer to the spine for more support and stability. It’s not always about the separation of the abdominal muscles, but rather how well we can connect to our abdominals for better function in life.”

How did you become inspired to work with the perinatal body?

“I have been teaching Pilates professionally since 2009 but I began taking Pilates when I was 12 years old at The School of Nashville Ballet. It has stuck with me ever since! I took a Prenatal Pilates training program early on after I became certified in Chicago. This information sparked my interest in the female body and what it can do to create life, give life, and how this work can take us through all seasons of our lives. It wasn’t until I had my own children that this work began to make even more sense to me and truly has become what I preach all the time to other mamas. Without this work I am not sure I would be in the same place physically or mentally after all of my children.”

Where did the name Native Pilates come from and what is your vision for the studio?

“The name Native Pilates came from the fact that I am a Nashville Native and that movement is “native” to everyone’s bodies. I grew up on the east side of Nashville in the Donelson, Hermitage, Mt. Juliet area and knew that I wanted to bring my experience and the Pilates method to this side of Nashville. My vision for Native Pilates is to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and supported. A community where women can come and get to know their bodies, love their bodies, and feel good in their bodies. A place for workshops, classes, women’s circles, exploration, learning, and for all phases of womanhood.”

This community that you are building at Native Pilates sounds amazing. What kinds of classes are being offered at Native Pilates?

We offer private lessons, partner sessions, and group classes on the mat and Pilates equipment. All of our classes have various focuses and themes and classes specifically for Prenatal and Postnatal. The prenatal classes are for first through third trimesters. Some women benefit coming throughout their pregnancy and some like to come once they’re into their second trimester. We say, once you can no longer flex forward, come on in to the prenatal classes! The postnatal classes are great once you get clearance from your doctor, and you can come as soon as 4-6 weeks. We do very gentle exercises to find core connections.

“We love to provide high quality instruction but want everyone to be able to have access to Pilates. Right now, we have a New Client Intro Private package: 3 for $200 ($255 value) and great for those wondering what Pilates is all about. For those interested in classes, we have 5 mat classes for $50 and 5 Reformer/Equipment classes for $80. Our website will tell you which classes are which if you are not sure.”

But Native Pilates is more than just a Pilates studio, it really is a community being brought to the greater Nashville area. Women’s Circles offer support as you find your goddess within and workshops about the pelvic floor, lactation, babywearing, and parenting topics can also be found on the calendar each month.

For those looking for that something special in their wellness and parenting journey, look no further, Native Pilates is here and ready to help you thrive!

You don’t want to miss the Grand Opening Celebration of Native Pilates on Saturday August 14th from Noon to 4pm. There will be live music, swag bags filled with local business goodies, Pilates giveaways, and food and beverages available by local vendors. It’s going to be an exciting day. You can find out more details by following @NativePilates on Instagram!

Ribbon Cutting – Friday August 13th, 2021 at 2pm
Grand Opening – Saturday August 14th. 2021 at 12-4pm

Native Pilates is located at 2525C Lebanon Pike Suite 103, Nashville, TN 37214.