With the New Year comes the desire to make changes, get on a good health regiment, and do things that make us happier. What could make anyone happier than a beautiful smile? After all, smiling is quite contagious, and that is something to really catch on.

Today, with the ease of being able to find a do-it-yourself tutorial for just about ANYTHING online, the temptation to save time and money and jump into some DIY orthodontics can be very appealing, especially for young people. And, with the desire to look and feel your best as the new year goals of everyone come across all forms of social media on a second by second basis, there’s no question as to why we would find ourselves feeling this way.

Parents BewareDIY braces closing gap in teeth at home orthodontics

  • Numerous YouTube tutorials have popped up in recent months featuring young people showing how to fix gaps between teeth
  • These tutorials are suggesting the use of small rubber bands to “close the gaps” between teeth
  • The trend has led to a consumer warning from experts who say the practice can lead to root damage and tooth loss

The American Association of Orthodontists is one of the groups of experts working to help educate about the dangers of this trend. The organization put out a PSA warning video about the dangers of trying to straighten your own teeth.

“Nowadays it seems like people believe they can do everything themselves, but while it’s cool to do some things on your own, when it comes to the health of your teeth and gums the do-it-yourself approach can leave you with very little to smile about,” the AAO video begins. “Trying to close a gap or straighten your teeth yourself can increase the risk of infection and serious damage to your teeth and gums, including tooth loss. Replacing lost teeth is expensive and a person may require multiple replacements over the course of a lifetime.” (American Association of Orthodontics)

The American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics also shared that the elastic band method can cause tooth loss and gum damage so severe that they are very difficult to treat.

As parents, we need to be on alert to these trends popping up on social media that our youngsters are viewing. And, we need to arm ourselves with knowledge as to why these tricks and trends can be harmful. Some DIY things are fun and both time and money saving, though this is one trend I will choose to leave to the expert.

Also, remember that most orthodontist offices offer free consultations. So, it doesn’t cost anything to get an experts opinion.

Our orthodontic experience is at Starling Orthodontics in Brentwood, where we are receiving discounted orthodontic treatment in exchange for including them in the blog. Nonetheless, all information and content are an honest review of the experience.