I’m a big proponent of sharing my favorite places on social media. It’s the easiest way I can help build a community business and let my friends know there is a place they might like as well. You know what they say “birds of a feather!”

social media can help small businesses favorite consignment sales nashvilleIn today’s society, social media can either be a curse or a blessing. Bad news goes viral but good news gets snuffed out. I have made it my mission to start working on sharing my favorite places because I want them to stay in business, for purely selfish reasons!

Lets talk about a couple of ways you can help your favorite consignment sales in Nashville with a simple “shout out” on social media. It takes you literally 5 seconds, but is an easy way to help get the word out about your favorite sale or business.

The Check In.

I love the Facebook check in. But I also don’t like people to know where I am, when they think I am! In other words, safety first. So, one of the things I like to do at some point in the day, is to do the check in. I went to drop off my items for consignment this morning, so I’ll do a check in at the sale at some point today to remind my friends the sale is this week.

Checking in tells your friends this is an event you are participating in. Whether you are a shopper, volunteer or consignor, it’s something they might want to check out. Your simple promotion tells people you think it’s worth them checking out. Your weight carries a lot further with your friends than any ad from any sale can do. So if you like the sale, do a check in!

The Tag.

Believe it or not, sale organizers love it when you tag us in a picture that shows all of the great deals you got when you shopped the sale, or when you tag us in a picture of your cutie wearing that precious Easter Dress or Halloween costume. Nothing makes me happier, than to see one of my shoppers share a picture of their littles in a cute outfit and a smile on their face. It makes me feel like the 7 days of 3 hours of sleep per night were worth it! Tagging isn’t just limited to pictures of your kids, you can also take pictures of the sale while you’re there and post them as well!

What’s important about the tag is that it again reminds your local friends that the sale is going on right now, there are cute things to be found and by tagging the sale, you’ve also given your friends the Facebook address that allows them to join the page or event, view pictures of the current sale, and find out important dates, times and location.

The Post Share.

A lot of sales use the term “the more you tell, the more you sell.” I hate that. Advertising the sale, falls on the responsibility of the sale. But, if a sale posts something that is helpful or useful, and you feel like your friends would benefit, then by all means share the post! Again, 5 seconds and you’ve helped support a favorite business and all of the moms that participate in the event.

As a business owner, I tend to look at spreading the word about my favorite consignment sales in Nashville a little differently than the average person. Many businesses struggle because of lack of word of mouth, so when I have somewhere I love, I take a picture and post it! It takes me 5 seconds and I feel like I’ve done my part to help a business I really enjoy. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all platforms you may be on, and they can all help your favorite sales stay encouraged, with just a few seconds of your time.

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