When weighing the pros and cons of selling at a local consignment sale, most moms would say the biggest con is that they don’t have enough time to tag the items. It is hard to carve out the time to match, hang, pin, box, tape – all the things you need to do to participate in a consignment sale. Even now that a lot of sales use online tag systems, you still have to type it all in.

nashville consignment sales tagging serviceMy solution? Find the sales that have a VIP or Express Tagging Service where they tag for you!

I have used a consignment tagging service in the past and it was a great option. I’m not sure if all sales are set up this way, but this was my experience. I started the process by telling the sale that I was interested and they put me in touch with the tagger. I dropped off the items I wanted to sell at the tagger’s house then she did the rest. Once everything was typed into the online tag system, I was able to verify everything and make price changes if I wanted to. The tagger finished everything then dropped off the items at the sale. The only thing I had to do was pick up what didn’t sell and retrieve my check. Super easy!

It will cost you more out of your sales percentage, but you will still get more money than from a consignment shop or, obviously, from giving the items away. Do-it-yourself consignment tagging normally will get you 60-70% profit, depending on the sale. While VIP/Express tagging will get you 30-50% minus a supplies fee.

The advantages, though, are that you don’t do any of the work and you still get to shop early with the other consignors. And you are recycling your kid’s clothes – much better than them landing in a landfill. You can also mark them to be donated after the sale, if you really don’t want to see them again.

A lot of the consignment sales local to Nashville offer this kind of tagging service:

Be sure you check their website for the details and pick the one that works best for you.

Consignment is a great way to recycle your kids’ clothes and toys and make some money in the process. Before you rule out selling in a consignment sale because you don’t have enough time to tag, be sure to look into the sales near you and see if they offer a VIP or Express Tagging Service that you can use.