Consignment sales will be starting again soon, for the sales who have decided to proceed this Fall with restrictions in place. A lot of the restrictions will vary depending on your location and the sale owners, but one thing is for sure – you must be prepared for things to be a little different this season.

consignment shopping during covid19 nashville consignment salesI spoke with the sale owner for Lollitots Consignment, who recently held their Spring sale after delaying through the stay-at-home order. Lollitots put into place several new policies to limit the number of consignors and shoppers in the building at once, to help with sanitation, and keep shoppers and volunteers safe. They ended up having a great sale! Lollitots’ next sale will be held Aug. 29 – Sep. 5, 2020. They felt that some of the rules and restrictions they implemented helped the sale run so smoothly that they might keep them in place.

Consignment Shopping Restrictions

Here are some rules and restrictions you might encounter on your Fall consignment shopping with COVID restrictions in place. As we know, each city seems to have their own rules – Nashville different from the surrounding counties – as will each sale. Always check the consignment sale website for specifics!

  1. Wear a mask. Consignors, shoppers, volunteers all wearing masks.
  2. Limited number of shoppers in the building at one time.
  3. One entrance and one exit.
  4. One-way aisles.
  5. Extended pre-sale shopping times, spread out over the whole day to limit the number of people in the building at the same time.
  6. Limited types of items accepted for the sale.
  7. Appointments for check-in. No walk-ins.
  8. No reusable bags.
  9. Plexiglass shields at the registers and check-in stations.
  10. Wipes and hand sanitizer available for use during shopping and at checkout.
  11. Added sanitation of check-in racks, surfaces, and high touch items for sale, like toys.
  12. Required hand sanitation before entering the building.
  13. No children at the pre-sale and encouraging children be left home during the public sale.

So while things are ever-changing, always keep in mind that all of these rules are meant to help everyone stay safe. Be kind and be prepared before you go.

Check out our Consignment Sale Calendar to find out more information about upcoming consignment sale events in the Nashville area.