It’s consignment season in Nashville and as consignors we are so eager to de-clutter our households of possibly hundreds of items our children have outgrown or no longer need. We take the time in prepping these items to sell and hope for the largest return. We wait patiently to see how much we sold and get excited about the extra money we will be bringing home that month.

consignment season in NashvilleWhat will we use the money for? Will we go on a vacation? Use it for the children’s college fund? Upgrade the children’s wardrobe to the next size up? Oh, the possibilities your consignment sale check brings!

But what will you do with all the items that don’t sell? Donating your items after the sale is a concept many feel strongly about. Your donations could make such an impact in their lives. You may be helping a family clothe their growing children, which may be difficult or impossible at this time. You may add a smile to a child’s face, as she loves her new doll that she received from a generous consignor like you. You may even be helping women in third world countries start their own sustainability program with your donations. The possibilities are endless.

Anything that is accepted at a seasonal consignment sale is eligible for donation and most sales will give you a tax receipt for your donations. Simply look at your sale’s website for acceptable items, tag your items for sale, and if they don’t sale let them go to a charity for donation. Please take a moment and think of how lucky you are to have everything that you need for your children. Consider donating your unsold items at the end of the sale you are participating in and pass along a blessing to others.

To find a consignment sale near you, see our list of consignment sales in the Nashville area.

Martha Montiel-Lewis is the owner of Haute ToTs Consignment Sale in Clarksville, Tennessee. She is passionate about giving back and has started the DAR Project, a non-profit organization directly linked to consignment sales and their donations. To learn more about the movement please visit her blog at