Even though the official ribbon cutting has not happened, the newly renovated Red Caboose Playground in Bellevue is open and kids are climbing all over it. After such a long time without the beloved park, everyone seems happy to see it open for play. I think it appears in my newsfeed on Facebook almost daily. My family waited for a day below 90 and checked it out for ourselves. My two kids give two thumbs up!!

West Nashville Red Caboose Playground BellevueIt is a great, brand new park. However, as a mom, you may have few questions before you load up and go. I will try to cover as many of those I could think of as I walked around with my kids. First, yes the bright red caboose has been moved to the front of the park. Your kids can now play on it while you sit in one of the new swings placed around the outside of the gated area. I mean who does not love a porch-like swing to sit and relax in while your kids play happily in the fenced area. Yes, moms and dads too. There is a fence and a gate to the playground area.

For those with younger kids, you will be happy to know there is an area with baby swings (also, I believe, two handicap swings). A smaller play structure is nearby for those who may not be ready for the taller play structure. There are also picnic tables under the tree in the fence. Of course, the larger covered picnic areas are still open throughout the park for parties or larger groups. I will warn you, however, that the merry go round sunk into the ground is near the smaller play structure so be prepared to watch kids go round and round and round. It was very popular the day we were there, but my bigger kids never got a turn. I told them they had to wait till the smaller kids were gone – lol.

Red Caboose Park Bellevue TNThe ground inside the fence is rubber or paved walkways. For those, like me, who may have a child with mobility delays, it is a great surface for them to get around. There were no steps or height changes. It is all one continuous seamless height. I was so happy to see that. Also, there is no mulch to get stuck in your kid’s shoes. Both play structures had ways to get around that did not involve ladders that may be hard for those with mobility issues. My daughter could reach many areas with no extra support from me. I call this a major win for her. She loved it.

My son and nephew loved the tree climbing structure. They enjoyed exploring the different heights and limbs. I will admit I climbed on it for a bit too. Then, the large flat circle swing was open and my son and I ran to climb on. There is one large disc swing and a few other big kid swings that were nice to swing on.

The only down side to our visit is when we were there the bathrooms in the building were not open or working. Port-a-johns were placed in the parking lots for use.

All in all, I will say that it was a fun little outing to a nice, new park. Bellevue is blessed to have it open again. Pack a snack and spend some time playing at the new Red Caboose Playground.

Bellevue Park, also known as Red Caboose Park, is perfect for picnicking and family fun. There are picnic tables under gazebos, wide open grassy spaces for casual sport, a fully-fenced in playground, an amphitheater and a paved exercise path (five laps to a mile). Bellevue Park can be found at 656 Colice Jeanne Rd, Nashville, TN.

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