A few Saturdays ago, I was sitting at the front desk at the library where I work and I hear all of this giggling going on right outside the door. I smile to myself, because I know why the kids are laughing.  615 rocks nashville painted rock scavenger huntWell, you see, I knew that right outside the door on the little porch were about four little painted rocks. I knew that as the giggles got louder that meant the kids had found them. I went to the door and asked them if they knew what the painted rocks meant? They all turned and said “YES!” Then, they asked if I knew where any more were hiding. I smiled and said “maybe you should look inside”. Lots more giggles were heard as the group of four kids kept looking for more rock treasures.

If you are confused right about now, then I know that you have not heard about the 615 Rocks! movement that is slowly spreading around Nashville and the surrounding counties. You have not yet had the unexpected joy of spotting a creatively painted rock meant to make you smile. A small little piece of joy found out of nowhere, which is just meant to remind you that the world is not all bad. You also have not had the joy of hiding freshly coated rocks that you spent hours painting with your family while laughing.

615 Rocks! is a movement that has been started here in the 615 area code by a sweet lady who heard about a similar movement in the Memphis 901 area code. It is simply to make you smile and have fun. Many beautiful rocks are spread around Bellevue, Nashville, Brentwood, Pegram, Kingston Springs and other cities. You may spot them on a shelf in a store, in windows, on Redboxes, on sidewalks, and so many other places. It is super fun to look for them and to hide the painted rocks. My family has found several and moved them to new spots. Or let’s be honest, my kids have kept a few for their own little stash of joy at home. 615 rocks Nashville family funWe have loved painting and creating new rocks to hide and finding fun places to hide them as well. After hiding them, we check the Facebook page to see if they are found by someone. That is my daughter’s favorite part. My son loves to spend time creating the perfect ghost or pumpkin rocks. He is five and loves Halloween.

Joining in on the fun is easy! First you just need to live in the 615 area (if you do not, then hey start your own movement in your area code). Then, follow the tips below and you will do great. If you need painting ideas check out all the awesome photos on the Facebook page. Lastly if you live in or around Bellevue head to Old Hickory Boulevard to Stonetree Mulch, Gravel, and More, they are giving ten free rocks to get people started on the journey. If they are closed they have been leaving a massive bag outside their fence that says 615 Rocks! on it.

615 Rocks! For Beginners:

(Copied from the 615 Rocks! pinned post)
What Is This?

615 Rocks! is a community initiative created to spread joy and encourage creativity.

What Do I Need To Get Involved?

  • Rocks. Find in nature or purchase. Home Depot has huge bags in the garden center
  • Acrylic paint or paint pens. Some people choose to spray paint the rocks before painting.
  • Sealer. Krylon Acrylic Spray Sealer works great as does Rustoleum Clear Matte Spray Sealer. Many have also used a brush-on called “Triple Thick” for a high gloss finish. Michaels and Home Depot carry options.

Let’s Talk Rocks

  • Be creative. Paint anything on your rock or be inspired by the shape!
  • If you want your rock to be found and shared on the Facebook page, here are a few ideas for the back of your rock.

1. Draw the Facebook “f” and write “615Rocks!” (Don’t forget the exclamation point.
2. Write “615Rocks! on Facebook”
3. Post a pic on 615Rocks! group on Facebook

  • Seal your rock with sealer so your art doesn’t run.

Now What?

  • Go out and plant your rocks! Hide them anywhere, expecting someone will find it and smile.
  • If you find a rock, snap a picture and upload to the 615Rocks! Facebook group.
  • Invite people to join the 615Rocks! Facebook page. The more painters and planters, the more joy that is spread!

Have fun and enjoy spending time with your family, dogs, or friends hunting and painting rocks and spreading the joy!!!