“It is deep in the early, just before dawn, and Fern’s delightful little runt pig, Wilbur, appears to be headed for the dinner table – and not in a good way – when he is saved through the remarkable literary efforts of a spider named Charlotte. Wilbur may be ‘Terrific,’ and he certainly is ‘Some Pig,’ but it is up to Charlotte to tell it to the world.”

From the moment those words are spoken until the baby spiders hatch, you will be captivated by the Nashville Children’s Theatre’s telling of “Charlotte’s Web”. My two children, ages four and nine, stared in awe at the stage throughout the entire hour and half. I will also say that my husband and I enjoyed it just as much.

Nashville Children's Theater review

The actors playing Fern, Wilbur, Templeton, the sheep, the geese, Uncle Homer, Mrs. and Mr. Arable, and no one will forget the talented Charlotte, are all amazingly talented and bring you right into the play. Charlotte made me fall in love with her from the moment she floated down from the ceiling in her harness. Watching her do flips in the air while she wrote the words that save Wilbur was amazing. I will admit I shed a few tears when she passed away. The friendship she gave to Wilbur and the devotion that Wilbur had for her touches a warm spot in any heart that witnesses the friendship. You could feel the love they had for each other even in the back of the theatre.

I highly recommend taking any child who loves the book to see this version of “Charlotte’s Web”. They will love seeing the black and white words from the book live and in color. The simple set and fun farm animals played by the men and women of the play make you actually feel like you are watching the inner workings of a barn in any farm. You will laugh at loud at the silliness of the geese and you will think you smell the stink when Templeton breaks the egg.

Everybody can be reminded that friendship, no matter how odd, is important. That being loyal to someone and helping them in their time of need is more important than anything. We could all do with a Charlotte in our life. She gave with no thought of herself, right up till she passed away.

So, grab your kids and make a fun trip downtown to the Nashville Children’s Theatre and see this amazing play. The play runs until December 6th. You will not be sad you took the time to go and see it.

Thanks Nashville Children’s Theater for allowing my family to attend and review this play for MCM. It was a night none of us will ever forget.