I attended my first Nashville Soccer Club game last fall, before the season ended. It was my first ever professional soccer game, and even better it was at the brand-new GEODIS Park. My husband and I attended a Saturday afternoon game. All I can say is WOW!! It was all so amazing! I cannot wait to go again, and this time take the kids as well.

nashville professional soccer clob geodis parkThe Stadium is brand new and boy is it nice. You know from the start what team you are cheering for. The stadium has the team colors everywhere. It was so pretty and clean. The bathrooms are clearly marked, nice, and clean. (Ladies you will love the fact that for once the men seem to have a longer line then the women’s restrooms.) For concessions, there are so many yummy food choices. You can get your standard game food like hotdogs, nachos, and hamburgers, or they even have several taco options which I hope to try next visit. They have lots of drink carts throughout the concourse for ease of buying.

A few helpful tips you might want to know before you go, especially as moms. You are allowed to bring clear empty water bottles in and fill them at fill stations throughout the concourse. We took throw away bottles that we drank earlier and just refilled them once inside. However, they do allow certain reusable ones as well. Do read the guidelines on their website to know what you can and cannot bring in. It was nice to not have to pay for water the day we went it was really hot. Clear bags are also allowed or certain size clutches. I highly recommend checking all that information before you go to make sure what you carry is allowed. Especially if you need items for your kids. That way the check in process is smooth to enter the stadium. They have lots of lines and the process was super easy if you followed the guidelines.

I could not get over how energized the soccer crowd was during the entire game. One end has what I called super fans. There was a drumline playing, costumes, chants and cheers that did not end besides during the 15-minute half, all being led from that section. They were having so much fun cheering on the team. The air was electric with the cheering. I could not help but try to chant a long and dance to the beat of the drum. The game itself is very fast paced. They do not call timeouts or pause for any reasons during the two 45 minutes halves. It is just non-stop movement. I loved that about it. Our soccer team is quite good. I will admit to knowing very little about the game, but loving every minute of watching it unfold before my eyes. My husband who is a soccer fan, said it was amazing as well. We left that game already planning when we could go again. I can honestly say it was the most fun I have had at a live sports event in a long time.

I will be upfront and say you will hear that parking is a challenge. However, follow their website and social media for up to date information on how best to park for the game you are attending. We also were willing to park and walk which allowed for a little bit of ease. There is parking – it is just finding what suits you best. But trust me when I say it is worth it! Nashville Soccer Club and GEODIS Park is a great addition to Nashville!

GEODIS Park is located at 501 Benton Ave, Nashville, TN. More can be found about the Nashville Soccer Club here: https://www.nashvillesc.com/. Their 2023 season starts February 25 and runs into October.