One day this summer, the temps were well below normal for the time of year. My kids and I wanted to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather, but we did not want to go to one of our normal spots. Then, I remembered the field trip I had taken with my daughter that spring to Centennial Park in Nashville. We decided to load up the car with balls, bubbles, Frisbees, and snacks and go to explore! I honestly think my son had never gone there before and he is 8. We use to go all the time, but for some reason, had not been in years.

centennial park nashville parthenonWe parked near Lake Watauga and brought some food for the ducks. We laughed and laughed as turtles came from all over to steal the food from the ducks. A massive school of fish also came to try to get the food. My son was amazed. Then we took a walk around the lake and saw so many beautiful little areas. We found some cool statues to learn about and lots of interesting flowers as well.

We went to the area near the Parthenon and chased each other up and down the massive steps. We do plan to go back and tour the inside of the Parthenon sometime this fall. I have not been inside in forever and cannot wait to see the statue replicas, the 42-foot Athena statue, and art museum housed within. We had a lot of fun running around the steps and looking at the art on the outside of the building. We took pictures on the mosaic dragon outside the entrance. We watched people play all types of sports in the Great Lawn. Then, we wandered over to the Wedding Garden to view the flowers. Such a beautiful spot to sit and enjoy the nature there.

centennial park mosaic dragonWe finished by going to play at the Playground. It is a fun little playground with many little places to explore. It is also a great place to kick a ball around or toss a Frisbee. You cannot go to Centennial Park without finding and swinging on one of the many bench swings. Those are so much fun. You can swing and watch all the comings and goings around you — the tour buses driving through, the tourist taking pictures at the Parthenon, the ducks looking for food, and the rented scooters dashing by. It is a fun family spot to witness Nashville.

I am so glad we revisited this old classic of this area, Centennial Park in Nashville. I hope you will stop with your family soon. Check out online to see events that happen there all year around. They have live music, art shows, and so much more. Or just go and swing the day away.

Note: Centennial Park is in the middle of the Phase Two park improvement plan. Be aware of the areas fenced off to finish construction.

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