We had the opportunity to do an email Q & A interview with mom performer, Araceli, of the Carden Circus Spectacular. We asked you what you wanted to know about being a mom performer with the Carden Circus and here are the answers.

1. What is your role in the Circus Spectacular? What type of performer are you?carden circus mom performer family fun nashville
I’m an aerialist. My act for the show is silks with my husband, but I also have performed trapeze, straps, low wire, and other circus skills.

2. How long have you been a circus performer?
42 years.

3. How did you become a performer?
I was born into the circus. I’m a 5th generation circus performer.

4. How did you learn the skills needed for your performance?
My mom started training me when I was very little.

5. How many children do you have and what are their ages?
I have 4 daughters – ages 32, 22, and twin girls who are 8 years old.

6. How did you handle going back to work after having a baby? Did you take some time off or jump back into it?
I took 3 months off after having my babies, then went back to the show.

7. How many hours do you/the performers practice each week?
10 hours a week.

8. How do you manage watching your children while practicing/performing?
Since my kids were born in the circus, just like me, they’re used to watching us work. We have a special place where we can watch our kids, and have them there or watching the show when we work.

9. How many months of the year do you travel and perform?
10 months.

10. Do you have a home away from the circus?
I do, in Mexico.

11. Do your children homeschool or does the circus provide a school/teacher?
My kids are homeschooled.

12. How do you travel with the circus? Is it by train, bus, airplane?
I travel with my own RV all over the country.

13. Do you have the opportunity to cook meals for your family? Or are they provided?
I have the chance to cook meals for my family.

14. Do your children perform? Do you get nervous when watching them perform?
Yes, my daughters perform in the show and I do get nervous, especially when they’re performing in the air.

15. Do you have a chance to see the local attractions while you travel to different towns?
Yes, we get the chance to visit most attractions in most towns where we perform.

16. Do performers perform multiple duties?
Yes, usually as circus performers we have to learn many abilities and so we have different duties in the show.

17. Do you get to interact with the animals on the show? Which are your favorites?
Yes, we have the chance to interact with the animals and we get to feed them. My favorites are the elephants.

18. Do people really run away and join the circus, or do the performers come from long lines of family in the circus?
Usually, they come from a long line, but my husband, for example, was in school when the circus came to town. We fell in love so he ran away with the circus.

19. What is the best part about being a performer?
The best part is traveling. You get the chance to go to different countries to see different places and cultures. It’s really fun.

20. What is the hardest part about being a performer?
The hardest part is having to always train even when we don’t perform. We have to practice and stay dedicated in order to stay in shape and be ready to perform again.

The Carden Circus Spectacular coming to Nashville Oct 8-10, 2021 at the Municipal Auditorium. Tickets are still available. Visit https://spectacularcircus.com/ for more information.