This Music City Mom got the honor of being invited to attend the red carpet premiere of BENNETT’S WAR starring Trace Adkins, Michael Roark, Allison Paige and Ali Afshar.

Bennett's War movie screening and red carpet with Trace AdkinsThe movie is about a wounded Army Ranger (Michael Roark) who returns home to find that his father, played by Trace Adkins, is behind on the mortgage on the family farm. He must make the decision to ignore medical advice to risk it all and return to motocross to save the farm.

His wife, Sophie (Allison Paige), has stood by him throughout his military career and now must decide if she will continue to stand by him as he makes this risk.

The movie was both a heart pounding and heart-warming story of family, faith, and courage. This would make a great date night movie for you to enjoy. It has both action and romance so it will make the perfect compromise to the question of what type of movie to see.

Bennett's War movie red carpet in nashville, tnAllison Paige was amazing at showing the strength it takes to be a military wife who has to make hard decisions to keep her family together. Allison spoke of how she will take the strength of having to be Sophie away from her time filming this movie. She felt it was an honor to portray a military spouse and shine a light on this experience.

In speaking to the actors, they all were drawn to the story because of the ties to the military and were excited to bring a story of what a soldier faces, especially a wounded one, when they return home. When asked what he learned from filming the movie Trace said he learned about the night riders in the Army Rangers. It was something he was not aware of and it impressed him to learn about them.

BENNETT’S WAR opens in theaters on August 30, 2019. Watch the official trailer below.