Brickman Awesome Exhibition: The Interactive Exhibition of LEGO® Models is now open at Opry Mills. This LEGO event will be in Nashville until May 8, 2022 and you don’t want to miss it.

awesome exhibition lego nashville Before I get into the Awesome Expo itself, I will share some facts you will need to know before going —

  • The Awesome LEGO exhibit is wheelchair and stroller friendly; the event is inside and has open spaces between.
  • They do not allow food or drink unless it is water.
  • There is no mask requirement, but there is hand sanitizer spread throughout the area to use.
  • Ticket Prices are on the website. You will need to check the day you want to attend to see if it is considered a Prime day because the ticket price is a little higher on those days. They also recommend purchasing online to make things easier.
  • Bring a camera! There are some great photo ops spread throughout the expo for you to take advantage of.

I was blown away with the displays, all made from LEGO bricks. There is something for everyone – from a massive orca whale to a violin that looks like it could be picked up and played. There is a total of 40 models to view. Each model tells you how long it took to build, how many bricks, who designed it, and fun facts about how it was built. My husband loved reading about each model. My kids each had their own favorites, but I do not want to ruin your fun by sharing too much of what you will see.

There are five interactive displays that let little builders get their hands on bricks. Four of the interactive displays allow the builder to try their hand at that model’s theme. The last interactive display is where you a design your own plate to add to the community art piece that will be left after the event. Those who attend and design are working to create a large snake. The wall was already looking pretty neat with the plates that had already been made. It is the last area you go to before leaving.

brickman awesome lego expo nashville opry mills

Our whole family really enjoyed taking part in the scavenger hunt to locate the awesome family members. These mini figures are hiding throughout the models. Some are hiding in very challenging spots. They will show you what to look for when you arrive. You can also ask the staff for hints of how many are on each display to help you. Before you leave you can get a sticker for telling them how many you found. It quickly became a competition to see who could find them the fastest.

I highly recommend this event if your family loves LEGOs as much as ours. It was so neat to see such amazing work. I am blown away with how large some of the displays were. Our entire family enjoyed our time there. It took us about an hour and half to look, build, and enjoy the event. This is fun for the whole family, young to old.

Located in Opry Mills near Entry 6 and Regal Theatre, the Awesome Exhibition will be open to the public from March 11 – May 8. Tickets are available at Opry Mills is located at 539 Opry Mills Drive, Nashville, TN 37214.